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7th/8th Grade Supply List 2021-22

☐ 3-ring binder w/dividers/portfolio folders (All-In-One Binder)

☐ College rule paper

☐ 4 single subject spiral notebooks

☐ Combo Lock for PE

☐ Scientific calculator - for math and science

☐ Ballpoint pens (dark blue or black only)

☐ Many No. 2 pencils

☐ Eraser

☐ Pencil pouch

☐ 2-3 Black Fine tip Sharpies

☐ Colored markers

☐ Colored pencils, sharpened

☐ Glue sticks

☐ Ruler

☐ Scissors

☐ $1.00 for science lab book (Purchase in office)

☐ Math notebook with graph paper

☐ Box of tissues or antiseptic wipes (give to Ms. Taylor for general supply)

☐ Student Planner w/calendar (optional)


Optional items for general supply (give to Ms. Taylor)

·       Antiseptic wipes (very helpful)

·       colored construction paper

·       extra pencils, glue sticks, colored pencils, markers, scissors, etc

·       extra college rule notebook paper, and/or white printer paper

·       hand sanitizer